The abbreviation MBA is known all over the world and means Master of Business Administration, i.e.

//The abbreviation MBA is known all over the world and means Master of Business Administration, i.e.

The abbreviation MBA is known all over the world and means Master of Business Administration, i.e.

The abbreviation MBA is known all over the world and means Master of Business Administration, i.e.

The main source of GDP growth is the location of medium and high-tech industries in Ukraine. In order for investments to come in the high-tech sphere of Ukraine, it is necessary to harmonize the legislation in the field of intellectual property with the EU.

Ukraine has not yet created certain conditions to support its exporters. But, for example, if it is impossible to certify certain export goods at home, the manufacturer himself is interested in certifying his goods abroad, uniting his efforts with like-minded people and entering the European market on his own. Vitaly Gaiduk, the head of the MIM-Kyiv Supervisory Board, expressed confidence in this. He convinced those present that if the country produces really high-quality goods, they will definitely buy them! And for the Ukrainian manufacturer it is a challenge.The answer to the challenges created by the entry into force of the provisions of the Association Agreement should be the improvement of Ukrainian business standards, as well as changing the type of business thinking, introducing new knowledge, building effective business models. It is the MBA program from the MIM-Kiev business school that is able to meet these challenges. The program is aimed at owners and top managers of companies. It forms a strategic vision of business in the relationship of organizational, financial and marketing tools, improves the skills of developing business development strategies, which is very important in times of great transformation.As a result of the round table, MIM-Kyiv became a platform for dialogue between representatives of European countries and organizations, on the one hand, and representatives of Ukrainian business and government, as well as the first step towards constructive discussion and control of Ukraine’s European integration reforms.


What is an MBA, where and how to get it, and whether it is worth doing at all in today’s conditions

What is an MBA and do you need it

Being an MBA has recently become fashionable and prestigious. But fashion and benefits are very different, and sometimes even incompatible. What is an MBA, where and how to get it, and whether it is worth doing at all in today’s conditions. That is, our task is to give you information to think about – the choice is yours.

The abbreviation MBA is known all over the world and means Master of Business Administration, i.e. Master of Business Administration. An MBA is not a degree in the traditional sense, it is a degree, so to speak, of professionalism in business management.

MBA programs have existed in all developed countries for a long time, their main goal is to train highly professional management staff. These programs enable people with higher education and experience in business to gain in-depth knowledge in the field of management and business administration. They provide not only theoretical but also practical training in management and related disciplines. The main purpose of these programs is to help a person become a good senior leader.

Today, there are about 2,500 MBA programs in the world, which are taught in the world’s largest business schools. The annual number of MBA graduates is approaching 150,000.

The emphasis in the programs is on learning the basics of business, especially management, and special elective courses. Mandatory implementation of the final project and internship in companies. People with higher education and experience in business are admitted to business schools. Tuition is paid, its average cost is steadily growing. Abroad, the average cost of such education is $ 40,000.

So, we found out what an MBA is, where and how it can be obtained. Let’s move on to the main goal of our article: how to determine whether it is worth studying in this program for you? Let’s make a reservation at once: the purpose of this article is not to help in choosing a specific educational institution, our goal is to help determine in principle: do you need it.

Given the considerable cost of business education for a middle-income person, we can say that this decision is important and responsible. Therefore, we suggest taking it step by step.

Step 1. Determine your type

To begin with, it makes sense to determine who you are by your type: a specialist or a manager (administrator). If you are already in a managerial position and quite successful, this step can be skipped: you are definitely a manager. Go to step # 2. But if you are a high-class specialist in any field, this is not a guarantee that you have the qualities necessary for a career as an administrator. Try to test, talk to a psychologist, ask friends to express their opinion. This will help you determine your type. The lack of qualities of a manager does not reduce your value in the labor market, you are unlikely to be suitable for managerial work. And if you feel a lack of knowledge, it makes sense for you to get a second higher education in one of the economic buy essay cheap compare and contrast specialties: marketing, finance, etc. It will cost much cheaper ($ 2000-3000 per year), and will suit you better.

Step # 2. Clearly define your goal

So, we found out that this education is intended primarily for people who have already held as leaders or have the potential in this regard and want to acquire additional knowledge in the field of administration. And then a natural question arises: why do they need it? One of the goals is obvious: to conduct its management work more successfully. But in reality, the goals of those wishing to obtain an MBA may be different. We will try to formulate the main:

get a job more successfully move up the corporate ladder change jobs change careers get a salary increase get a job in another country get skills to start or expand your own business

Choose your own from these goals (there can be several) and you can move on to the next step.

Step # 3. Match your goal with the capabilities of the MBA

Let’s try to analyze how getting an MBA will bring you closer to your cherished goal. So, will an MBA help you if your goal is:

1. It is more successful to conduct managerial work – yes. You not only need an MBA, you just need it. Business education will give you the necessary new knowledge, practical skills and systematize your thinking. Success is obvious!

2. To advance on a service ladder – yes. All other things being equal to colleagues, preference in the presence of an MBA degree will obviously be given to you as a person with the appropriate education. In addition, there are a number of companies (especially Western ones) in which the presence of an MBA is an unspoken but indispensable condition for career growth. There is only one but here: the MBA will help you if there is a place to move (in your organization). And if only the CEO is above you? Then, most likely, your goal is # 3.

3. Change jobs – here the answer is ambiguous. According to rumors, up to 30% of MBA students get a new job during the training process, moving to the company with the top management of which they study together. Whether this is really the case is unknown. But according to recruitment agencies, today only 20% of employers pay attention to the presence of an MBA degree and only 2% demand it. The numbers are not so impressive. One can only hope that they will grow steadily, and the prestige of the MBA will increase. If you want to get a managerial position in a representative office of a Western company – without an MBA, of course, you can not do.

4. Change your career – yes. In that case, if you are moving from a career as a specialist to a career as a manager and you have the appropriate potential.

5. Achieve a salary increase – theoretically, yes. According to experts from different countries, a person’s salary after receiving an MBA degree increases by an average of 50%. But this is in the West, but what about us? According to all the same recruitment agencies, the average salary of a specialist with an MBA degree in our country: $ 25,000-35,000 per year. Compare with yours today and think.

6. Get a job in another country – definitely, yes. But only you will need to get an education abroad. It is desirable in one of the best business schools that have received international recognition. With such an education you will be welcomed with open arms in any country of the world. It’s not that our business schools are worse, they’re just not „brands“ yet, but it’s a matter of time …

7. Gain skills to open or expand your own business – here the answer is very difficult. It is still an open question whether a person can develop entrepreneurial abilities or be born with them. If you have an entrepreneurial streak (which is only 3-5% of the population), an MBA will certainly not stop you. But if you just want to find it, it is better to do it with cheaper ways: courses, training, second education, etc.

And now we offer you to choose a specific MBA program. somewhere we will make just a few general remarks. If you are studying abroad, the ratings published annually by the world’s leading media will help you a lot. They have been compiled for a long time and are very objective.

But one of our main problems is the lack of serious ratings and information on how one school differs from another. There is only one thing to advise: it is better to choose a business school that has received the right to issue a state MBA diploma. And then – act as a researcher. Gather information in detail, visit business schools, talk to management and teachers, talk to graduates of various schools, go to thematic exhibitions, etc. And rely on yourself and your intuition, it will not let you down!

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American Business Schools Classic American business education is a two-year full-time program. It is perhaps the most expensive option, but it is widely believed that only such a course can be called a real MBA. In addition, two years of study in American programs provides a summer internship, which helps to gain professional experience and find a permanent job in the future.

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